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My love of books

I don’t know when my love of books started. I remember going to the library, either at school or in my town and feeling at home. I would walk around the rows of shelves desperately looking for my book, while holding my index card. I would get a great sense of accomplishment once I found my book all by myself. 

 Then I discovered bookstores. Oh what joy! All these books to buy so I can keep them in my home to read over and over again.  What’s better than that ? 
Now, I still enjoy these bookstores, especially the ones where the coffee aromas just jump at you when you get into the door. However I think I might enjoy a used bookstore more, because of all the rejected books that are gathered together desperately waiting to find a new home. 
I’ve bought a few electronic books in the past year, mostly for convenience. I like the option of highlighting my favourite sentences or grammar mistakes for fun and writing notes in case I forget important things. 
I am proud to have passed down my book bug to my kids. They appreciate good books now where the drawings are magically beautiful and where the words inspire them for a long time.

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