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I had mixed feelings with this book. I was quite surprised once I found out that the writer had written other books. Actually I was about to recommend her that she gets more training. I didn’t really get to know the characters or the reason for their actions. I haven’t read any of her other stories yet however, after reading A Splash of Hope, I don’t think I will either.

I’ve read a few werewolf stories before, but I still quite enjoyed this one. I liked how I was discovering more about Harper at the same time as she was. The chemistry and the humour between her and Axel was really fun to read.

One of my favourite lines : “You’re a tramp. You know that?” “Baby, don’t insult me like that. I’m a wolf.” Axel winked at her.”

I am definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next. 


This book for me felt more like a school term paper than anything else. I’ve read some self help books before, and I wish that this one would feel more personal. I still know nothing about the author, is he a psychologist, therapist, healer or teacher? No references to his experiences or observations were given. I can’t really say I learned anything new after reading. 






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