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I’ve been a member of a really cool site called LibraryThing for a few years now. Just recently I’ve been able to win some ebooks, in exchange for writing reviews. Last month I managed to finally win over 12 books, so I’ve been really busy catching up on all of them. I had requested all types of books, ranging from self help books, teen books to the more risqué types. 

 I managed to write just a few reviews so far, the others will have to be patient. I have a certain style for my reviews. I find that there is not point in including a synopsis of the book. The author usually provides that in the first place. So my take on it would be the way I was feeling while reading the book, if I would recommend it to others, if I would read it again, if I learned anything and if I still think about the book days later.
So far, I’ve had mixed feelings for all the ones I’ve read. I haven’t been blown away from any of them. I am so looking forward to that moment where I finish a book and say : What a wild ride!!

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