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How to Cook Up a Disaster (DIY Dating) by Rachel Elizabeth Cole

A very enjoyable quick read. Sometimes you need those in between heavier lengthy books. I found this story quite funny and was rooting for Sadie and her misadventures.

Let Love In (My Amish Valentine) by Becca Fisher

I have never read any Amish themed romances before and I found this story very sweet. Trying to let love back into your life after losing your partner must not be easy, and I find that Jenna did pretty good.

The Phoenix Girls, book 1 , The Conjuring Glass… by Brian Knight

Obviously the author does not want to give away too much in book one. After finishing the story, you still have a lot of unanswered questions. The drawings included are a great addition to the story. There’s mystery, magic, friendship and adventure. I would definitely recommend this book to my daughter who adores the Harry Potter series.



Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

The research on this book was incredible. I was quite surprised to find out at the end of the book that the author had never even been to the Navajo reservation. She definitely had me fooled and impressed me.

There’s part romance, part mystery and history and part paranormal in this story. The characters had an interesting journey through time and I liked them more and more once I found out how things were all linked together.


A Week with Fiona Wonder: A Novel by Kelly Huddleston

It is different for everyone how they determine if a book is good or not. If I can’t put the book down, if I keep thinking about it and if I look forward to diving back into the story, then that’s a good sign for me.

Considering the size of this book, it should not have taken me so long to read it. But I was never in the mood. I found the characters pretty unpleasant and it was just hard to get into.

The title is a little misleading, it is the reason why the story exists, but not the actual event that is taking place. Interesting take on the reality of our times, like recession and all, but I enjoy escaping to another place when I read, and this for me was a downer.

Recent reviews


I had mixed feelings with this book. I was quite surprised once I found out that the writer had written other books. Actually I was about to recommend her that she gets more training. I didn’t really get to know the characters or the reason for their actions. I haven’t read any of her other stories yet however, after reading A Splash of Hope, I don’t think I will either.

I’ve read a few werewolf stories before, but I still quite enjoyed this one. I liked how I was discovering more about Harper at the same time as she was. The chemistry and the humour between her and Axel was really fun to read.

One of my favourite lines : “You’re a tramp. You know that?” “Baby, don’t insult me like that. I’m a wolf.” Axel winked at her.”

I am definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next. 


This book for me felt more like a school term paper than anything else. I’ve read some self help books before, and I wish that this one would feel more personal. I still know nothing about the author, is he a psychologist, therapist, healer or teacher? No references to his experiences or observations were given. I can’t really say I learned anything new after reading. 





Reviews for hire

I’ve been a member of a really cool site called LibraryThing for a few years now. Just recently I’ve been able to win some ebooks, in exchange for writing reviews. Last month I managed to finally win over 12 books, so I’ve been really busy catching up on all of them. I had requested all types of books, ranging from self help books, teen books to the more risqué types. 

 I managed to write just a few reviews so far, the others will have to be patient. I have a certain style for my reviews. I find that there is not point in including a synopsis of the book. The author usually provides that in the first place. So my take on it would be the way I was feeling while reading the book, if I would recommend it to others, if I would read it again, if I learned anything and if I still think about the book days later.
So far, I’ve had mixed feelings for all the ones I’ve read. I haven’t been blown away from any of them. I am so looking forward to that moment where I finish a book and say : What a wild ride!!

My love of books

I don’t know when my love of books started. I remember going to the library, either at school or in my town and feeling at home. I would walk around the rows of shelves desperately looking for my book, while holding my index card. I would get a great sense of accomplishment once I found my book all by myself. 

 Then I discovered bookstores. Oh what joy! All these books to buy so I can keep them in my home to read over and over again.  What’s better than that ? 
Now, I still enjoy these bookstores, especially the ones where the coffee aromas just jump at you when you get into the door. However I think I might enjoy a used bookstore more, because of all the rejected books that are gathered together desperately waiting to find a new home. 
I’ve bought a few electronic books in the past year, mostly for convenience. I like the option of highlighting my favourite sentences or grammar mistakes for fun and writing notes in case I forget important things. 
I am proud to have passed down my book bug to my kids. They appreciate good books now where the drawings are magically beautiful and where the words inspire them for a long time.